Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 97 {April 6}

I got a haircut!! I really like the color and cut.... but gosh I am FAT!!! I better print this pic and hang it on the fridge!!! I gotta do something before our ten year class reunion this summer!!!

Day 96 {April 5}

SNOW?!?!? Today we got about 3 inches of snow!! The girls were so excited to get to play outside! Reese kept saying "Mama, it's Christmas outside!"

Day 95 {April 4}

{This picture is on my cell phone... I will get it up here as soon as I can}

We went with Aunt Jessie to HuHot and made S'mores!!! So much fun!!

Day 94 {April 3}

Sam's older sister Janey is our new "baby sitter in training". She comes over to play with the girls while I am here, so I can get stuff done! She is a big helper, what a great idea! Today we treated her to shakes at Stella's.

Day 93 {April 2}

We had a great afternoon bowling with Sam and his mom. This was Hallie and Reese's first time bowling!

Day 92 {April 1}

A trip to Nick & Lori's is always fun!!! :) I get to visit, kids get to play!

Day 91 {March 31}

hmmmm.... I must have still been on!!

Day 90 {March 30}

Sorry no pic... I found a new addiction...!!!

Day 89 {March 29}

Happy Birthay, Grandma Tricia! (March 27th)

Day 88 {March 28}

Big sister/ bbg helper Hallie made lunch!! Thanks big girl.

Day 87 {March 27}

Diva Reese!!!

Day 86 {March 26}

She loves this little seat!!! Even enough to sleep in :)

Day 85 {March 25}

Hallie & Reese have Scarlet Fever... and this is all they are eatting!! High fevers, rash, and horrible strep throat!! :( Poor babies!

Day 84 {March 24}

Vinyl decals for Kaden's football helmets! Go Monster Boyz!

Day 83 {March }

Here is my Scrap Within Reach project for the month. This an 8X8 shadowbox frame. I must get these butterfly punches!! (they have been sold out and I can't find them!!!!)

Day 82 {March 22}

Let the fun begin... Hallie got her first "batch" of caterpillars, which have just turned into chrysalids.

Day 81 {March 21}

Hallie's first Trampoline competition was a success! First on Double Mini and third on Trampoline. She was on top of the world!!! :)

Day 80 {March 20}

We had no pic... so here is Reese with her new friend, Hello Kitty.

Day 79 {March 19}

Hallie made a new friend... High School Musical Bear, Gabriella.

Day 78 {March 18}

Scrap Within Reach-- thank you card.

Day 77 {March 17}

So many toys.... how do you choose???

Day 76 {March 16}

Hallie got her trampoline for her birthday!! Fun, fun, fun!!

Day 75 {March 15}

A little Piper photo shoot!! {Thanks Penny}

Day 74 {March 14}

I know... one pic a day... but how could I choose?? I had a blast scrapping with the girls at Archivers!! (these pictures were taken very late in the night... with extreme chapped lips!)

Day 72 {March 13}

After a fun crop at Scrapaganza, Piper was pooped!

Day {March 12}

Party day!!! This was the fun group of kids at Hallie's 5th birthday party!! {at Jumpin' Jacks)
*From Left: Jackson, Christopher (Ben's brother), Benjamin, Samuel, Owen, Parker, Avery (from Lori's daycare), Reese, Hallie, Jack, Ciri

Day 70 {March 11}

Personal icecreams for each kid... too cute!! (hope Papa Wayne is reading this!!)

Day 69 {March 10}

Hallie's birthday part is approaching... the goodie "bags" are made and ready.

Day 68 {March 9}

But I'm not sleepy!!! ...right.

Day 67 {March 8}

The Vinyl Studio is keeping me busy. This chandelier in every color combo possible is the number one seller!