Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 66 {March 7}

The Ladwig girls' playhouse, so homey :)

Day 65 {March 6}

This is just one of those grins that make me smile!

Day 64 {March 5}

We got out the good ol' Jump-a-roo today. Piper loved it just as much as the other girls did! This toy gets an A++ rating!! My girls LOVE it!

Day 63 {March 4}

The girls are getting a bit of cabin fever being cooped up in the house all week with the flu... they are having fun playing with toys they haven't played with in a year or more. Today's big find was the drill designer. {You make pictures with screws using a drill!!}

Day 62 {March 3}

Our little Hallie is 5!! She is turning into her own little person with a BIG personality. She makes us smile everyday and is such a big help around the house and with her sisters. Hallie is very busy learning... she is constantly writing in her notebook and working on activity books. Happy birthday, lovey!

Day 61 {March 2}

Today Hallie got to bring cupcakes to school! Thank you Agatha for the BEST cupcake book! {Hello Cupcake} and thanks Grandma Tricia for decorating them!

Day 60 {March 1}

Our little Reese is our in house tourist!! She loves taking pictures with her toy camera! She even sets up little "sets" to take pictures of :)

Day 59 {Feb 28}

We celebrated Hallie's 5th birthday with all of her Grandparents. What a special day for a special girl! (she picked a chocolate cake with white frosting & Minnie Mouse Cheerleader, wearing her team colors, with stars-- from Grandma Tricia)

Day 58 {Feb 27}

Although Hallie felt miserable she insisted on eating at "the fireplace" (Samurai Japanese Steakhouse) It is her favorite restaurant.

Day 57 {Feb 26}

I have been working away!! The mess shows! Lots of little time :)