Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 56 {Feb 25}

AHHHHHHHHH! Good morning, me :) Today is going to be a good day! I got a comment on my blog from... THE HEIDI SWAPP!!! (day 54) hehehehe... For me, this is like having a major movie star leave a comment! Thanks Heidi, ya made my day!

Day 55 {Feb 24}

She ROLLED over!! Our little baby is getting so big! Can you believe she is rolling over already??? Today was the first day!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 54 {Feb 23}

This is what happens before I blog. I know, I know, I get it from my mother... I make lists! I more or less make an outline and list what I want to include... and of course a Diet Pepsi is much needed!!

Day 53 {Feb 22}

Today was Hallie's preschool Taco Time Fundraiser. We all enjoyed a taco bar for supper and a sundae bar for dessert. The preschoolers also entertained with a few songs! Hallie LOVES her teachers... Mrs Hoffman even came and sat at our table {it made Hallie's day}

Day 52 {Feb 21}

Okay, you caught me
1) I missed a picture for the day
2) I am off the diet bandwagon... Hello, I have to celebrate National Mint Chocolate Day!! (Really! We need that?)

Day 51 {Feb 20}

We were so happy to see Scott stop by today! It is always nice to visit with family. Thanks for playing with Reese... she's still talking about you ;)

Day 50 {Feb 19}

Tonight Josie, Dusty, and Ryanna come over to visit! It was so fun catching up, telling stories, and of course... watching Hallie the rockstar :)

Day 49 {Feb 18)

These are the pictures I love to take. The ones that say it all, no caption.

Day 48 {Feb 17}

Hallie & Reese love to play Disney Bingo! (Okay, so do I)

Day 47 {Feb 16}

My girls :) Talk about a group of hams! They pose and say cheese... that is my hint to get the camera!

Day 46 {Feb 15}

"I wish you a day of ordinary miracles"

Day 45 {Feb 14}

Happy Valentine's Day!
"A rose can say "i love you", and orchid can enthrall. But a weed bouquet in a chubby fist, that is the best of all!"

Day 44 {Feb 13}

Tonight we went with Sam's family (The Eaton's) to the Iowa Chops hockey game. We had a great night. The girls didn't know what we got them into as they slammed into the glass... the looks on their faces were priceless!

Day 43 {Feb 12}

I've been working on The Vinyl Studio. Here is a little dry erase memo tile for Hallie's teachers.

Day 42 {Feb 11}

There is nothing I wanted more for Valentine's Day than this beautiful necklace from Hallie. It came with the biggest smile and hug! I love it! Now I feel like a true Mommy, wearing it out and about running errands! Thanks Hallie.

Day 41 {Feb 10}

Today was a beautiful day in the 60's! The girls and I enjoyed a day at the park, a walk, and some much needed fresh air! We can't for spring!! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Forty {Feb 9}

Such a big girl in her new seat! She is happy to be part of the crowd now!

Thirty nine {Feb 8}

A beautiful day with our family & friends to celebrate Piper Kate.

Thirty eight {Feb 7}

Fun times sledding at Papa & Grandma Ladwigs.

Thirty seven {Feb 6}

I am busy doing last minute vinyl work before heading out of town.

Thirty six {Feb 5}

Lunch & playdate with "boyfriend" Samuel.

Thirty five {Feb 4}

For lunch we tried a new little "trick"... tv trays. The girls love 'em, and eat lunch better.

Thirty four {Feb 3}

This is our Tuesday night menu. After gymnastics we hit up Pancheros... and this week Cold Stone.

Thirty three {Feb 2}

Happy Birthday, Daddy! We love you bunches.

thirty two {Feb 1}

Super Bowl Sunday... 3D style!

Thirty one

Ahhhhhhh, peace and quiet! Thanks, Daddy.