Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 97 {April 6}

I got a haircut!! I really like the color and cut.... but gosh I am FAT!!! I better print this pic and hang it on the fridge!!! I gotta do something before our ten year class reunion this summer!!!

Day 96 {April 5}

SNOW?!?!? Today we got about 3 inches of snow!! The girls were so excited to get to play outside! Reese kept saying "Mama, it's Christmas outside!"

Day 95 {April 4}

{This picture is on my cell phone... I will get it up here as soon as I can}

We went with Aunt Jessie to HuHot and made S'mores!!! So much fun!!

Day 94 {April 3}

Sam's older sister Janey is our new "baby sitter in training". She comes over to play with the girls while I am here, so I can get stuff done! She is a big helper, what a great idea! Today we treated her to shakes at Stella's.

Day 93 {April 2}

We had a great afternoon bowling with Sam and his mom. This was Hallie and Reese's first time bowling!

Day 92 {April 1}

A trip to Nick & Lori's is always fun!!! :) I get to visit, kids get to play!

Day 91 {March 31}

hmmmm.... I must have still been on!!